Coaxial Cable

AVA7-50 1-5/8″ Coaxial Cable

Surplus Andrew AVA7-50 HELIAX® Andrew Virtual Air™ Coaxial Cable, corrugated copper, 1-5/8 in, black PE jacket.

Perfect length on individual reels ready to ship!

  • (5) – 190′ reels – FOB IL


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1-5/8″ Commscope FXL-1873 Aluminum Coax

FXl-1873 coax cable
1-5/8″ FXL-1873, HELIAX® Flexible Coaxial Cable, smoothwall aluminum, black PE jac

  • 548′
  • 528′
  • 517′


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NEW Cut to Order AVA5-50FX 7/8″ Coaxial Cable

Buy Andrew AVA5-50FX coax

Brand new AVA5-50FX cut to order to any size! Available immediately.

  • Any Length


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Surplus Andrew EW63 Elliptical Waveguide

Andrew EW63 Heliax Elliptical WaveguideAndrew EW63, HELIAX® Standard Elliptical Waveguide, designed to operate between, 5.925–7.125 GHz.

  • 120′ reels available

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